Infrared Sauna Blanket

What is it made out of?

Our HigherDose blanket is made out of high-grade, non-toxic and water-resistant polyurethane on both interior and exterior. The product’s non-toxicity has been confirmed through stringent VOC testing. Made with recycled ocean plastic, non-toxic vegan leather, charcoal, clay, amethyst crystals, and magnet to balance heat, boost blood flow and generate negative ions.

What benefits can I expect from the sauna blanket session?

95% of participants were more relaxed after a session, and 90% of people feel less stressed after a session.
Some benefits include sweating out impurities and burn calories, reduce stress and boost mood, increases blood flow and circulation, promotes glowing skin, deep relaxation, muscle and work out recovery, reduces inflammation and pain relief, supports detoxification, better sleep,

What should I wear for my infrared blanket session?

We recommend wearing long sleeves, long pants, and socks while in the blanket. This will absorb any sweat released during your session and provide comfort while lying on top of the heat source.

It is vital to hydrate the appropriate amount of daily water intake after a blanket session, just as you would a sauna session or massage to enable proper detoxification.