Hair Extension

We have every extension method to choose from, to give you your hair goals!
We offer five different types of hair extension systems. Upon consultation, we will determine
which system best fits your needs and lifestyle. At Jubilance Salon we work directly with the
brand, Aqua Hair Extensions.

Hair Extension Methods:

  • Tape In
  • Cylinder
  • Keratin Fusion
  • Weft (hand tied, machine, and Q)
  • Clip In

Why do we LOVE Aqua?

Jubilance Salon owner, Christina is a national educator for Aqua Hair Extensions because of how much she believes in the brand, and the quality of the hair. The hair is 100% human and remy hair- Meaning that every hair strand is human hair, has a cuticle, and the cuticle is facing in a downward direction. The hair goes through a two step process at the very beginning stages- a 12 hour nutrient protein treatment, followed by a 21 day lifting to achieve a desired hair color.


Pricing of hair is customized based on the length, color, and method.
We offer payment plans, and installs to help make this service affordable!

Tape In

(6-10 week maintenance)

  • Install (volume only) $50
  • Reapplication $100
  • Tape In Install (length and volume) $150
  • Reapplication $200


(6-8 weeks maintenance)

  • Install (volume only) $100
  • Reapplication $150
  • Cylinder Install (length and volume) $200
  • Reapplication $250

Keratin Fusion

(3-6 month maintenance)

  • Install (volume) $150
  • Removal $100
  • Keratin Install (length and volume) $300
  • Removal $200



Brush twice a day using the Aqua boar bristle brush. Holding the base of the extensions with your hand to secure the extensions and prevent tension at the scalp.


Do not wash your hair for the first 48 hours after the install. Washing the hair with Aqua Shampoo & Conditioner no more than three times a week. Avoid vigorous scrubbing as this will cause matting and tension, and lightly lather around the base of the extensions. For deeper hydration use the Aqua mask once a week.

Blow drying & styling

Do not go to bed with wet hair, as this will cause tension and the hair is at its weakest form when wet. Blow dry after every wash, and use the Aqua Leave In Conditioner Spray as a detangler. When using hot tools, the tool should be no hotter than 350 degrees, using the Leave In Conditioner spray as a heat protectant. Avoid flat ironing or curling the base of the extension, and do not aim the blow dryer directly on the bond area.


Satin/Silk pillowcases are an additional help to prevent the hair from matting at the bond area. Put the hair in two loose braids/pigtails to keep the hair secure. A sleeping cap/bonnet will also keep the quality and longevity of the hair in tact.


A 30 minute consultation is required before booking a hair extension installation service. In this time, we will go over desired look, pricing, hair care products, lifestyle, home care maintenance, and pre-booking future appointments.

Before booking the first installation appointment, there is a non-refundable deposit required.